Laundry Service


All Inclusive Service / Ironing

Exquisite laundry service for all your garment needs


Items All Inclusive Service
Blouse 14 9
Shirt 14 9
Sweater / Pullover 18 10
T-Shirt 13 9
Leggings 14 9
Pyjama Pants / Joggers 12 8
Shorts 12 8
Skirt – Long 18 10
Skirt – Pleated 24 15
Skirt – Leather 72 45
Skirt – Normal / Short 14 9
Trousers 18 12
Tracksuit – Bottom 14 10
Dress – Long 36 22
Dress – Short 24 18
Dress – Evening / Complex On Request On Request
Jacket 30 18
Jacket – Leather 96 60
Jacket – Special 48 31
Overcoat 36 18
Overcoat – Long 54 31
Overcoat – Heavy with Fur 72 45
Suit – 2 pcs 46 31
Suit – 3 pcs 54 45
Swimsuits / Bikini 17
Abaya 24 18
Abaya – Designer 36 25
Bisht 36 25
Dishdasha 24 15
Dishdasha – Wool 36 19
Ghatra 10 7
Ghatra – Wool 18 10
Kaftan / Bisht 36 25
Salwar Kameez / Kurta Set – 2 pcs 30 18
Salwar Kameez / Kurta Set – 3 pcs 36 22
Saree 36 19
Sheila / Dupatta 10 6
Dupatta – Heavy On Request On Request
Pyjama Set 24 15
Co-ord – Long 30 18
Co-ord – Short 24 15
Jumpsuit 30 18
Playsuit 24 15
Track Suit – 2 pcs 36 20

Service details

Service overview:

You can choose the ‘All Inclusive Service’ for your garments that includes wash or dry clean and iron or steam press, or simply choose to get your garments ironed.

Items included:

Garments – Formals, traditional, tops, bottoms etc. If you choose only ‘ironing’ service, please provide washed clothes.

How to prepare for collection:

Keep your items ready and our driver will transfer them to reusable Laundry Lab bags.

Receiving the items back:

We will return your dry cleaned / ironed items on hangers. Some items can be folded upon request at no extra cost or you can even request for special travel pack at an additional cost.

How to choose the best laundry and dry cleaning service in Dubai?

Choosing the best laundry and dry cleaning service, whether in Dubai or any other city, requires some research and understanding of your own needs. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you find the best service in Dubai:

Determine Your Needs:

Regular laundry (wash, dry, and fold)

Delicate fabrics

Special treatments (e.g., stain removal, pressing, alterations)

Dry cleaning for specific garments like suits or evening gowns.

Recommendations and Reviews:

Ask friends, family, colleagues, or neighbors for their preferred services.

Check online review sites, forums, or social media platforms like Google Reviews, Trustpilot, and local Dubai forums.

Location and Convenience:

Proximity: A nearby location will be more convenient.

Pick-up and delivery options: Many services in Dubai offer free pick-up and delivery.

Service Range:

Look for services that offer a wide range of cleaning options, including dry cleaning, washing, ironing, and even carpet and curtain cleaning.

Quality and Care:

Do they have a reputation for handling garments with care?

What kind of detergents or chemicals do they use? This is especially important if you or your family members have skin sensitivities.

Turnaround Time:

Check how long they usually take to process orders. Some services might offer express or same-day service for an extra fee.


While you might be tempted to go for the cheapest option, it’s essential to balance cost with quality.

Are there hidden fees? Ask about additional charges for pick-up and delivery, express services, or specific garment treatments.

Customer Service:

Engage with them: Call or visit to see how responsive and helpful they are.

Are they easy to reach? It’s beneficial if they have a helpline or chat service.

Environmentally Friendly Options:

Given the growing emphasis on sustainability, see if they use eco-friendly products or practices.

Insurance and Reimbursement Policies:

It’s rare, but sometimes items can get damaged or lost. Understand their policy regarding such situations.

Loyalty Programs:

Some services offer loyalty programs or packages where you can get discounts for regular usage or bulk orders.

Technology Integration:

Modern laundry services might offer apps or online platforms where you can track your orders, make payments, or even schedule pick-ups.

Visit the Facility:

If possible, visit the facility to see their cleanliness and the way they handle garments.

Trial Period:

Before committing to a long-term relationship with a laundry service, give them a trial with a few garments to test their service quality.

After considering these factors and conducting your research, choose the service that aligns best with your needs and preferences. Regularly evaluating the quality of their service is also crucial to ensure you’re consistently receiving the best care for your garments.