Laundry Service


All Inclusive Service / Ironing

Specialized laundry service dedicated for babies’ needs


Items All Inclusive Service
Bedsheet 14 8
Bedspread 22 13
Blanket 22 13
Car Seat On Request On Request
Cloth Diaper On Request On Request
Dress 18 13
Jacket 18 13
Onesies 7 5
Pyjama Set 12 8
Shirt / T-shirt 7 5
Stroller 300
Stuffed Toy – Large 95
Stuffed Toy – Medium 53
Stuffed Toy – Small 35
Sweater 12 8
Trouser 7 5

Service details

Service overview:

You can choose the ‘All Inclusive Service’ for your garments that includes wash or dry clean and iron or steam press, or simply choose to get your garments ironed.

Items included:
  • Garments – Onesies, shirts, dresses, pajamas.
  • Children Essentials – Bedsheets, bedspread, stuffed toys, stroller etc.
  • Cloth Diapers
How to prepare for collection:

Keep your items ready and our driver will transfer them to reusable Laundry Lab bags.

Receiving the items back:

We will return your dry cleaned / ironed items on hangers. Some items can be folded upon request at no extra cost or you can even request for special travel pack at an additional cost.